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For twenty years John has been traveling the country and performing in crowded theaters, basement classrooms, small towns, and big cities. Regardless of the setting, he is always overwhelmed by the response he gets from young people, educators, and parents. 
While many in our daily life seem to disconnect and spend their lives in front of screens or devices, John invites his audience to connect with one man on a stage. 
In school environments where many speakers condescend, yell, or mimic the pop culture of youth in an attempt to "relate," here is one man telling his story in a way that respects his audience.
A story, both humorous and touching, that creates an honest conversation about tough issues like drugs, bullying, depression, and diversity.
A story which reminds us of the power of live performance and illustrates our connection to all around us. 
A story which he hopes to share with young people everywhere.



Born in Detroit and raised in Boston, John Morello has been on stage for over 20 years as an actor and headlining comedian. At one time a high-school dropout, he now holds a BA in Theatre Arts and has appeared in numerous productions throughout New England. Although he has spent most of his time making people laugh, he has always found himself working with people whose everyday realities are anything but funny.
John considers himself a survivor of a “high-risk” childhood. As a teenager, he witnessed friends and family struggle with addiction. As a teacher in a treatment center, he saw students and their families battle self-harm and self-medication. John’s response to these struggles was to give voice to his and others’ feelings on a stage where we can connect and feel less alone on our journeys. He is most known for creating the critically acclaimed one-man show "Dirt" and, in 2012, he published its accompanying graphic novel.
In 2016 he published a collection of poems and short stories, Buckshot Words,  illustrated by noted artist Kira Beaudoin.
John is a proud father and resides in Worcester, Massachusetts; the city where the rocket and the smiley face were created.

What some happy tennis students say:  
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