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Buckshot Words

A storytelling, poetry, and visual art performance for ages 12 +
Poems and stories by John Morello
with art by Kira Beaudoin.
Limited Edition Paperback
Download Digital PDF


Buckshot Words is a book of poems and stories by John Morello connected by wondrous illustrations from artist Kira Beaudoin. Known to many as an actor and the creator of the one-man show "Dirt," John Morello has assembled this bold collection which features new poems, stories, and essays from his experiences with family addiction, bullying, depression, personal loss, fatherhood, and traveling the world listening to the stories of young people. 


Buckshot Words is an unflinching and comic "coming of age" collection, lavishly illustrated in a style that conjures a dark take on Shel Silverstein. The 156-page book measures 8 x 6.5, has a gorgeous matte finish cover with folds for easy bookmarking, and features over 15 full-page reproductions of original artwork by Kira Beaudoin. Appropriate for age 12+ but sure to be cherished by anyone who ever, or never, grew up.


John's thoughts on the book, Buckshot Words:


"As I've dug deep, worked diligently on editing, and kept myself vulnerable while writing, this project has been a bit like therapy for me. At times I've allowed myself to follow a stream-of-conscious style and other times I've spent days deliberating to rewrite two sentences. Sometimes I'm writing with sarcasm and comic observation and other times it feels raw and confessional. Throughout this process I've remained focused on my goal of being honest with myself in faith that the reader will make the all-important connection. For those who have enjoyed my past work, I think you'll certainly connect with Buckshot Words."


"When deciding to publish this, I didn't want to simply put out a vanity-print or chapbook, rather I wanted my book to be a unique work of art crafted for my existing and new audiences. I knew to accomplish my goal I would need a partner with a similar vision who would aspire to create a book that is so cool, we would both actually want to buy it for ourselves. My first choice was Kira Beaudoin."


"Kira is an artist I met 5 years ago whose paintings I proudly display throughout my house. Her work has a bold simplicity that connotes wondrous innocence while allowing drops of melancholy to permeate the images. Her characters often take on a "broken-toys" feeling which freeze those beautiful moments when we feel so alone, and yet so thankful for that "one-and only" who is beside us. I can't imagine these words being woven with any other's art. The beauty of this partnership is that it's been a true 50/50 collaboration. At times, I would give her a poem which would inspire her to paint and at other times, she would give me a painting or sketch which would trigger new poems or perhaps endless rethinking of what I thought my existing poem was about. In short, the entire process was like a magical jazz session and I hope this is just the first of many projects together."


"Now published we are taking these poems and stories "on the road" as part of a new show for audiences of all ages. This presentation features a one-hour spoken word performance of selections from the book Buckshot Words accompanied by a live painting/performance, on stage, by Kira Beaudoin. At the end of the  show the finished paintings are given to the school to display in  their office, lobby, or a classroom. " 


Below is a ten-page sample of the book.

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