John's material is written for LIVE performance. It is the medium he fell in love with as a stage actor and comic. The videos below are created only to give potential clients an idea of his performance.

To get a better idea of the show and message, one is invited to preview a live show or call the last school at which he performed.


Some scenes and a few testimonials from students and parents. 2018 


Student produced trailer & interview 7:31

Student produced video from Chatham High School November 2014.

Substance Abuse Coordinator
Town of Billerica, MA
Michael Higgins


John on Fox News 5:46

5 minutes

After-show talk. 7:12

After-show testimonial at youth conference. Video of John Morello speaking candidly about his life and growing up. 

Some students' thoughts on show


Students and Teachers in Toms River


John's brother, Glenn, jammin and talking about his little bro. 
RIP Glenn. You were loved and are missed every day.