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COVID-19 / Virtual Programs

UPDATE 2022:

Things are gradually returning to normal and I am doing many live shows again. If your school wants to book me for a live performance, I can do it. I am fully vaccinated and will follow all CDC, state, and local guidelines. I can also work with you in terms of multiple shows for smaller audiences.  If you need other options, please read below.

If, for whatever reason, we are not able to arrange an in-person show, I still want to "be there" for you. I've been doing this for twenty years and, honestly, the last year or so has been challenging for me. Because of the pandemic and regulations I have not been able to do the thing that gives me purpose and flow to my life. Like you in your respective vocations, I find myself saying, "this is not what I envisioned when I took this gig." But, the great thing is, with creativity and hard work we are finding new ways to connect. So here's the good news:


-Dirt works in a virtual setting.

-I've done the entire 60-90 minute show via Zoom, Google Meets, etc, and the students love it. They show up because it's different. They stay to the end of the show because the subject is relevant and the delivery is uniquely engaging.

-As a performer, one of the silver linings I've discovered in presenting virtually is that, even if there are thousands attending an online performance, each audience member is getting a one-man show performed just for them. I'm looking right into the camera as a character. The students are looking back. When I perform in a live assembly, the audience might often have their emotional defenses up as they are surrounded by their friends in a school environment. When I perform virtually they are at home. In their room. Focused. Connecting.

-In a world of so much sadness, uncertainty, politics, and division this show is the perfect "distraction', if you will. It's the same show I've been doing for years and it addresses the same issues and emotional needs that are more relevant than ever. They can get news and current events from other sources. This show can help them survive the news and current events.

-The last show I did a teacher that has seen my performance for over ten years commented that it really connected more than ever and she felt it was almost better than seeing it live.

-Other options

I’d love to visit your school either virtually or in person and, besides a virtual performance of the one-man show "Dirt," I have some programs I can tailor specifically for your students in 6th- 12th grade. Here's three other options:

Option One: This involves me recording a 30-45 minute presentation consisting of storytelling, testimony, and maybe some poetry. It’s often a little humorous and creative as well as being vulnerable and thought provoking. After the students view it, I make myself available to do a livestream session and/or Q&A.

Option Two: This involves me sending schools copies of my newly reprinted graphic novel instead of me. This is a first class, 132 page, professionally illustrated and sold-in-comic-stores graphic novel. Not to pat myself on the back, but, it's awesome. Kids and adults love it. This reprint also features four new pages at the end which tell the stories of four young people who have struggled with addiction, anxiety, and depression. It packs a punch but is still entertaining and something a kid will WANT to read. So, I send you those books. They are yours for the school or students to keep. I'll even sign them if you like. And then, after your students have read “Dirt: The Graphic Novel,” I discuss it with them, live, online and talk about my life a little. This can be done as one big group webinar or in individual circles and break-out groups.

Option Three: This is 20-45 minutes and is me doing a show featuring poems and stories from my book Buckshot Words AND I’m accompanied by a painter and a musician in the background as I speak. So cool. So creative. And the message is powerful. I love it. It’s such a different approach than Zoom calls. Kids are loving it. And then, after the show, we send the paintings that were created to your school for the kids to hang in a classroom or hallway. 

None of these are generic. They are tailored to YOUR school specifically and I will not be seated at a desk as a talking head…Unless that’s what you prefer:) These can be prerecorded or live streamed. I prefer a prerecorded type show so, if there's tech problems, we can simply pause and fix it rather than have me continuing on unaware that the live feed is down:) 

Ideally, I’d like to have the same pricing as my show Dirt which is $2500 per show.

However, I understand times are a little tough for all of us so we can talk about pricing.

If you choose Option Three, keep in mind that, because it’s so unique with more moving parts, there is a little less wiggle room for discounts because I'm also paying a musician, painter, space rental etc.

Let me know which of these you’d like to book or let’s come up with a different approach that works for you.

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